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How Yandex.Metrica can help...

Yandex.Metrica offers many tools for performing various business tasks.

To configure Yandex.Metrica, choose the type of your website:


To configure Yandex.Metrica, choose the type of your website:

Promo website or blog without ads

Small website with no ads that hosts articles on a specific topic.

Information site with ads

Multi-page website with frequent content updates (such as a news site). You place ads on website pages.

Website that offers products or services online

Online store of any size. The website lets users order products and pay for them.

Website that offers products or services offline

Site contains information about certain products or services that can only be purchased offline.

Our goal is to help consumers and businesses better navigate the online and offline world.

Yandex is an innovation organization that forms savvy items and administrations fueled by AI. We will probably help buyers and organizations better explore the on the web and disconnected world. Beginning around 1997, we have conveyed top notch, locally significant pursuit and data administrations. Also, we have created market-driving on-request transportation administrations, route items, and other versatile applications for a huge number of shoppers across the globe. Yandex, which has 30 workplaces around the world, has been recorded on the NASDAQ starting around 2011. 

Our business 

Yandex's set of experiences started in the mid 1990s – some time before the organization was established. Yandex as an organization showed up in 2000, three years after the dispatch of the web-based interface By then there were just 25 names on the new organization's finance and all information Yandex handled could fit on a solitary server. Presently Yandex has workplaces and portrayals in nine nations, utilizing more than 12,000 individuals. In our home market, Russia, our portion of all hunt traffic is 59.3% (Yandex.Radar, Q3 2021). We additionally work in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. 

Close to half of our incomes are gotten from context oriented publicizing, which conveys advertisements for items and administrations dependent on the thing web clients are searching for. Our Yandex.Direct administration was the first and is the biggest framework for the arrangement of text-based promotions in Russia. As well as serving ads on our own query items pages, we run advertisements on a large number of outsider sites that make up our Yandex Advertising Network. 

Our organization became beneficial in 2002 and its incomes have been constantly developing from that point forward. In May 2011 Yandex opened up to the world on the NASDAQ stock trade, under the ticker YNDX. 

Search Engine Today (SEO)

Generally, the assignment of any web crawler was to find data on the web. In any case, since job has extended. The web can at this point don't be viewed as independent from the truth encompassing us, and web indexes now need to search for a wide range of things, online as well as all around the disconnected world also. Furthermore, they don't simply search for things and find them – they additionally give accommodating ideas in any genuine circumstance. Contemporary pursuit comprehends the longings of each individual client, just as the truth in which the client exists. That is the reason it can give appropriate ideas for every individual, separately – including what to peruse, where to go for a dinner, what music to pay attention to, how to return home in the quickest way, where to book the least expensive flights, and significantly more. 

Search consistently was and still remaining parts Yandex's center item, yet presently we have a more extensive comprehension of its job: that of an all inclusive guide, a partner, a manual for all that encompasses us. It's tied in with giving the ideal idea at the perfect spot and time, help settling on a decision, and the likelihood to finish things. 

The joy of the client 

Every one of Yandex's items are intended to make individuals' lives simpler and better. Each assists clients with accomplishing something that once appeared to be unimaginable. A couple of years prior we were unable to envision perusing a text in a new dialect without looking into each word in a word reference, or having the location of the closest drug store readily available anyplace in a city, or getting a taxi without pausing. Presently, this is totally typical – this load of accomplishments have become basic assignments that we underestimate. 

That is the thing that Yandex does – it makes administrations for individuals. Administrations with both, a profound comprehension of the client's advantages and significant information on the clients' existence. Administrations that change life as far as we might be concerned and assist individuals with accomplishing their objectives. 

The idea of the 'satisfaction of the client' is vital for us. In addition to other things it implies that how valuable and easy to use an item is matters more than how much cash we can make from it. On the off chance that an item or administration that we make is preferred by individuals, its plan of action will follow. Given that the client's advantages are likewise considered. 

Our work depends on a mechanical methodology and factual check of all generous changes to our items or administrations. Any change should be impartially supported to assist us with understanding whether it is truly advantageous for clients. 

A-list innovation 

Yandex is a mechanical organization. Our items and administrations depend on intricate, special advances that aren't handily duplicated. That is the thing that empowers us to do things that whenever would've seemed like enchantment. 

Basically each of Yandex's administrations use AI – remembering for the positioning of indexed lists, serving on the web commercials, and performing interpretations. In 2009 Yandex created and carried out its own AI strategy – MatrixNet. 

Because of discourse acknowledgment innovation, clients can discuss verbally with the Yandex.Navigator road route application as opposed to composing in addresses physically. The clients of our Yandex.Mail administration can rapidly find specific messages in their records – like tickets, arrangement or meeting notices, data about limits – all consequently set apart by our reality extraction innovation. We utilize our own PC vision techniques to find comparative pictures. In 2011, we dispatched a help for factual machine interpretation – one of just three of this sort that at present exist on the planet. 

Our innovations and administrations run on huge number of servers. We have Russia's biggest organization for information stockpiling and handling. We share our information handling limits with our accomplices working in, in addition to other things, atomic examination and topographical investigation. 

Science and training 

Our group of experts addresses numerous logical disciplines, including arithmetic, information investigation, programming, phonetics, and numerous others. Other than dealing with items and advancements at Yandex, a portion of our specialists educate, talk and train understudies and youthful subject matter experts. 

We run our own instructive projects. The Yandex School of Data Analysis, offering free courses for college graduates and senior understudies, has been running beginning around 2007. The school trains experts in web information handling, information investigation and reality extraction. The school's alumni find work at Yandex and numerous different organizations. Yandex additionally has schools for project chiefs, UI designers and different experts in IT. We additionally collaborate with Russia's driving exploration communities and colleges, including the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Higher School of Economics. Yandex's specialists give talks to secondary school understudies. We support various school challenges in PC programming, arithmetic and etymology. 

Russia's biggest innovation meeting, Yet another Conference, which is coordinated by Yandex consistently, assembles industry specialists from everywhere the world. We additionally run logical meetings on AI, just as courses, talks, studios and expert classes for the people who wish to make or have as of now made a vocation in the web business. 

Equilibrium of the internet based environment 

Yandex influences the web environment as much as some other vital participant available. We comprehend that it is our obligation to ensure that our impact is gainful. One of our basic beliefs is improving and securing the interests and common freedoms of our clients. To serve the interests of our clients, we really wanted an open, various climate with a huge number of value assets. 

We foster items and administrations for clients in collaboration with all market members, thinking about all interests. We expect to give stage arrangements and straightforward conditions that empower customers and organizations to partake in the complementary advantages given by the web. Nonetheless, similar as the disconnected world, different gatherings interests can regularly be in conflict. 

Inside the web environment, Yandex doesn't control the web yet runs different stages that total and empower clients to communicate content on the web. We intend to work these administrations by alluding to the direction of different systems of worldwide norms for common liberties like ICCPR. 

We accept that piece of our job in keeping a fair internet based biological system is to regard clients' opportunity of articulation and protection on the web. Both individual clients and associations at times challenge Yandex to eliminate or impede content on our foundation that they consider unsafe or unlawful. Eventually, we mean to ensure opportunity of articulation and namelessness on the web. 

While Yandex focuses on clients' freedoms, we should likewise consent to every single nearby law and guidelines with regards to content expulsion and other data demands. Yandex doesn't give any need to any private substances or administrative associations for thought when hailing content to be confined for abusing organization or different principles. At the point when a client's record or admittance to content has been confined, the pertinent Yandex support administration commonly makes an impression on clients giving the motivation to the limitation and the client's next potential activities. 

As a feature of our obligation to online basic liberties, we invite the two representatives and clients to report any issues identifying with protection, security, and opportunity of articulation online to Yandex. Clients, kindly visit our help page where you can explore to the legitimate frame and submit more point by point data about issues in the input structure. Your solicitation will be sent to the proper group and Yandex backing will reach you through the submitted contact email. The two workers and clients may likewise secretly submit questions and protests with respect to opportunity of articulation on the web  and security Click Here.

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