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ITeS is a UK-Bangladesh Joint-Venture company managed by highly experienced information technology professionals and offers IT consulting & services in the areas of Software Development, Website/ Mobile Application Design & Development, Web promotion & SEO Consulting, E-Commerce and implementation. In this span of 5 years, ITeS has gained considerable expertise and handled projects of all magnitudes; in delivering solutions to End Customers, Companies, Organizations, Associations and Government Authorities.

ITeS Services
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ITeS  uses its expert team and process planning to achieve goals and objectives for the client's benefit based on the requirements of the client. They are founded on a win-win mentality, dedication, and extensive planning to directly benefit customers. Our experts have many years of experience and offer our clients solutions that are focused and geared toward their needs.

In terms of human capital, ITeS not only has a talent pool, but it also has the resources to help us effectively accomplish our goals. Our business operates with the most recent hardware and makes use of the most recent software.


ITeS helps its clients make decisions and performs "due diligence" on potential solutions and outcomes thanks to its specialists, in-depth knowledge, significant experience, understanding of the market and development, and quantitative/analytical skills. Together, we access and identify our clients' needs, create strategies, and put creative solutions into action.

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