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About Us..

How it all Started... ???

Our Coverages

The amount of Users or Countries we were able to brand,market, connect with-in last 3 months.. That also for business which only operates from Bangladesh, at times UK or India from where we provide services to North America USA that also preservation Services... Through ITeS. With little or no info we were able to Market our Preservation Company... Other then that there were Confidential Clients for whom we provided services as well.
Altogether we have been known as Founder, Project Manager Developer for more than 6 companies. Most started during Pandemic as most of us from IT-Sector and still as of now each and every organizations are actively engaged.

Common Quarries

Now the Question is: Why build a Brand? What to be Achieved? What is our Goal? How to create or get Associated or Collaborate with Foreign Investors?(B2B)(B2C) | Virtualizing to make it easy.

Associated Company

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Who we are??...

The exploration business frequently isn't designed for more modest, B2B organizations. So how do these organizations become client driven? ITeS is worldwide forerunner in a profoundly engaged expert innovation market yet like numerous medium estimated organizations client bits of knowledge had not regularly been at the core of the association.
ITeS had recently worked with consultancies that had taken a gander at the business, gave a few theoretical experiences and afterward vanished. They comprehended that they required an accomplice that would give unmistakable, significant expectations to direct the following period of the organization's development. Thus, ITeS saw further developed NPS, and a consistent exchange with customers which takes care of into their constant turn of events. As a matter of fact, 80% of ITeS' clients say that they view them as their favored long haul accomplice for future necessities.

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Tamzeed Ahmed

CEO of  ITeS Consultancy, Inc

Tamzeed Ahmed is the one of the founder of Aft Solutions that is based in Bangladesh, having graduated from DeVry University (USA) he came to resolution of starting up a business and utilizing knowledge and education that he gathered from there and his Diplomas.. The main key Ideology of starting up the establishing was to provide virtual support to different companies or corporations out side Bangladesh especially European Countries.. As like we have provided Property Preservation Support and managed to make a name of our own in the field and now on going with our IT Enabled service company.... Which is was our Prime Moto but we also do believe Knowledge is Power and thus we like to get dirt in our hand every now and then just to take opportunity when it comes to setting up a business with quickest ROI and long term sustainability.

LINKEDIN Tab is included just once click if you are interested to know more about us what we do and our associations and how we work.... 

Farshad Zaman (Rizvan)

CEO of  Front Preservation, llc.

Farshad Zaman is a Project Management Graduate with soft skill on CS and being the son of an Army Officer he came to have gained a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to running a business and he really does know how to stretch. Today Pretty much he single handedly manages Front Preservation, llc along with his other investments policies and businesses which are under him... Currently he is situated in United Kingdom working on our next project... As we both colleagues, friend, brother, partners firmly believe that you can only create opportunity for you if you have the mind set for creating opportunities for others.. Only then will you have that love and emotion for you company to take or drive to where is suppose to be..
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